New Bakemonogatari Series to Carry 18+ Rating


After several series full of nudity and risque fanservice that is nothing short of softcore pornography, Studio Shaft today announced at a live press conference that Owarimonogatari, the three-part continuation of the Bakemonogatari airing this fall on Japanese television and elsewhere via streaming video, would be a work of outright pornography.

“We’ve really pushed the envelope of what you can do on late night television,” said director Akiyuki Shinbo. “But with this upcoming season, we’re going all in and just making it a porno. The fans have always said that the series is pretty much porn anyway because we’ve animated things like Araragi bathing with a small girl for eight minutes and brushing his little sister’s teeth erotically, so one day I just thought ‘why not?’ and that’s pretty much all there is to it.”

According to details revealed at the press conference, Owarimonogatari, literally “End Story” in Japanese, will wrap up the Monogatari franchise by focusing on the mysterious character Oshino Ouji, a young girl with pitch black eyes and a mysterious past. In addition, the upcoming series is also said to feature a an intensely explicit sex scene between protagonist and former vampire Koyomi Araragi and his girlfriend Hiitagi Senjougahara that will take up the entirety of an episode.

When asked at the press conference about the changes made to the original novels story, author Nisio Isin smiled and then stated “I’m cool with it; I approved pretty much every thing these guys are doing with Owarimonogatari. I only wish that I could have crammed a little more dialogue into these new scenes, but there wasn’t really a lot of room between all of the panting, moaning, and other erotic noises.”

Nisio added that despite his complaints, the new material would feature just as much dialogue, on-screen text, and fourth-wall breaking anime references as Monogatari fans have grown to love. As to how he and the production team at Shaft managed to fit all of these things in a sex scene, however, will likely remain a mystery until Owarimonogatari‘s airing this fall.

Fan response has been overwhelmingly positive; with many noting that this is the first time they paid attention to the Monogatari franchise in five years.

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