New ‘Battle Athletes’ Anime Makes Otaku Think About Getting DVDs Out of Basement

SYRACUSE, NY– With a new Battle Athletes series out, local otaku Kris Sargent, 30, is thinking about getting her DVDs of the previous series out from the basement, according to reports from friends and loved ones who feel the decision doesn’t need nearly this much discussion.

“I can’t believe they made a new Battle Athletes anime after all this time, I can’t remember when I last saw the original series,” said Sargent. “I really should go see if I can find in the basement the DVDs I bought of the series when Hollywood Video went out of business. I’m sure it’s as good as when I last watched it in 2010.”

“God, she does this every time some random series gets a remake, dithering back and forth on if she will re-watch the old one,” Sargent’s wife, Jessie, told Anime Maru. “And I’m sure all those old anime DVDs in the basement are covered in mold and cat pee.”

“We’ve been friends for like five years and Kris had never mentioned Battle Athletes before and now she won’t stop mentioning her DVDs,” said Tanya Downing, another friend. “Is this what it’s like when you actually own anime, not just stream it?”

“Every time Kris moved, I was there moving all these boxes of DVDs and those manga books,” said Sargent’s brother Grant. “Those boxes never looked touched. It would be nice if she actually started using them.”

Sargent felt confident she would soon make a decision.

“Yeah, it’s settled, I’ll go look for the DVDs in the basement sometime. Maybe next weekend or the week after?” said Sargent. “And I’m sure the new series is probably streaming somewhere, I’ll need to maybe start watching it at some point.”

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G. Smith has seen the opening to the Toei Kanon series more recently and more often than you. His retirement savings is entirely invested in anime dvds, anime cels, and anime statues he stores in the basement. His Uno game could be better. He is on Twitter @gricomet