New Bipartisan Bill Proposes ‘Split-Cour Presidency’

Split Cour

WASHINGTON, DC – a new bill in the U.S. House of Representative would allow a president to split his time in office into two cours, if reelected.

The bill, which is modeled after the recent practice of splitting anime series into two separate seasons (cours) with a season-long break in between, is meant to allow the president to spend time assessing his first term and prepare for his final four years in office.

According to Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D-PA), who coauthored the bill, “so often a President’s second term is marred by exhaustion, bitter political rivalries, and sagging approval ratings. By introducing split-cour presidencies, we can give Presidents a much-needed break to reflect on what they accomplished and come back for their second term reinvigorated and with a better head start.”

Support also came from the other side of the aisle. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) stated, “a short break between presidential terms builds the hype and anticipation for the second term, hopefully increasing approval rating and DVD sales.”

The bill’s coauthor Aaron Schock (R-IL) added, “As Fate/Zero has shown us, an interruption between the two cours creates a thematic divide in the show and allowed ufotable to improve the animation.”

Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation also expressed support for the bill, stating that “it would have been really nice if President Obama had at least changed his opening theme for his second term in office. We are all sick of that ClariS song.”

Political analysts told Anime Maru that despite being bipartisan, the bill was unlikely to pass since it was fucking stupid and based on cartoons.

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