New Card Game Anime to Feature Cards Against Humanity


TOKYO, Japan — TV Tokyo today announced that they will be adapting the popular card game Cards Against Humanity into an anime set to air in the fall season. The series will follow the adventures of the foul-mouthed teenager and his friends, who play the game under the watchful eye of the Judge, an entity that rules over all of there card games and hands down judgement as to who has produced the best combination of cards. The series will cover the characters’ quest to create the most despicable combinations of cards possible, which will then be played out via the main character’s magical powers.

However, standing against them is a group of alien being, disguised as bishonen men, that created the cards as means of humanity destroying itself (hence the name of the game) who seek to take back the cards and use them to destroy the Earth once and for all.

The anime will be directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, known for Revolutionary Girl Utena and Mawaru Penguindrum. “The concept of vulgarity as a weapon is something that I found endlessly interesting when I was presented with it. It really talks of of our modern culture where outrage and shock are so often trotted out in the public discourse,” Ikuhara told Anime Maru.

The Cards Against will begin in November of this year.

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