New Charity Tells Anime Characters It Can Be Helped

Official spokesperson

Official spokesperson Sarah McLachlan appears in an advertisement promoting the organization

Billionaire investor Hiroto Mikitani announced this week the foundation of the Shikataga Aru Foundation, whose goal is to help out anime characters in an attempt to decrease the usage of the phrase “Shikata ga nai,” or, “It can’t be helped.”

“For too long, anime characters have resigned themselves to their situation by relying on the same stock phrases,” Hiroto explained to the assembled media. “I’ve finally decided to show these characters that their situations in fact can be helped, at will expend as many resources as I need to to make sure that happens.”

“If a character was hoping to not have to reveal their secret technique, I will call in a strike team against their enemy to prevent them from ever needing to use it. If a character has a wacky friend whose quirks seem unfixable, I will hire the best psychiatrists money can buy to stamp out those quirks. I will meet any set of circumstances necessary until I am able to stamp out this lazy piece of dialogue completely from the Japanese lexicon.”

This new foundation is just one of Hiroto’s many charitable organizations, including the “You Can Forgive Him” Foundation and the Hip Control Foundation.


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