New FCC Policy Threatens Anime Neutrality


A crowd opposing the proposed regulations gather to protest outside FCC headquaters

WASHINGTON D.C. — The Federal Communications Commission has endorsed a new policy allowing internet carriers to stream anime with moe fanservice faster than other anime. This would open the door for internet service providers to influence animation studios into creating more moe shows.

While studios such as Silver Link and J.C. Staff have announced support of the proposed system, critics have pointed out that this disincentivizes animation studios from making shows that feature anything other than cute girls.

Anime Neutrality advocate James Sherman sat down with Anime Maru to explain the impacts of the FCC’s proposed policy.

“Internet companies would impose their love of moe on the anime industry. Kyoto Animation, for example, would be pressured to make a third season of K-ON! rather than another season of Free!. Actually… that doesn’t sound too bad now that I think about it,” said Sherman.

Silver Link director Oonuma Shin had a different take, stating that he “finally felt that his work was being appreciated.”

The debate over Anime Neutrality has grown more intense since last week, when President Obama appointed a new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Opponents of the new policy have accused the FCC of corruption and creating policies that favor fanserivce-driven studios.

When asked to respond to accusations of a conflicting interest, incoming FCC Chairman Shinbou Akiyuki stated, “…no comment.”

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