New Flight Data Recorder Plays fripSide Songs when Underwater


TACOMA, WA — Following the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, and the inability for rescuers to locate the aircraft’s wreckage beneath the ocean, the International Civil Aviation Organization has mandated that flight data recorders emit fripSide songs when submerged.

A flight data recorder records information about the plane’s systems that are critical in investigating an accident. They emit a radar signal when underwater to aid investigators in locating the accident site. In the case of Malaysia Airlines flight 370, however, investigators have still not been able to detect the signal.

“The device is all the way down on the ocean floor, and we are searching a huge swath of ocean trying to listen for any signal,” said Charles Morris of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

An official stated that had the Malaysia Airlines plane been outfitted with a flight data recorder playing fripSide, there would be “no problems” locating the plane. “The high-pitched fripSide songs resonate throughout the ocean, and as soon as the underwater beacon is activated it can be heard from thousands of miles away,” reads the ICAO publication.

During a demonstration, a flight data recorder was lowered into a 500 gallon tank of water and began playing “sister’s noise”, shattering the tank after only a few seconds.

“If a plane crashes into the Pacific and these pingers are activated, you won’t even be able to go scuba diving in the Bahamas without hearing ‘Only My Railgun’,” an ICAO engineer proudly exclaimed.

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