New Gantz Movie Promises That It Will Do Better This Time

Gantz Sorry

With a new manga series and CGI movie announced, it looks like there’s still some life in the corpse that is the Gantz franchise. After winning over readers’ hearts back in 2000, the Gantz franchise began go steady with its audience. But the honeymoon didn’t last forever, and soon readers began to notice all of the imperfections they had willingly overlooked for so long. So began the rocky patch, and ultimately messy break up, that Gantz would have us endure.

However, this time things will be different, the series promises. Promotions for the new movie have stated that, “viewers described previous Gantz series as flaccid, limp, and unsatisfying. But with a good dose of CGI, Gantz promises that it can get it up. This time it will please you.”

But some aren’t so sure, such a blogger Trisha Kyles. In her most recent post she writes, “Gantz kept promising me that all this buildup was leading to something. I’m pretty sure Gantz hit its high point prematurely. That’s ok, it’s something that happens with a lot of manga series, but Gantz didn’t do anything to make up for it. It kind of just took our relationship for granted. So I refuse to let this series hurt me again.”

Other viewers have made it very clear to Gantz that there’s someone else. With a plethora of high survival genre anime out there, it wasn’t hard for viewers to move on after the break up. Yet Gantz still makes unwelcome advances on its viewers, clogging their news feeds and showing up in anime recommendations. It seems Gantz just doesn’t understand that viewers are over it. No matter how many flowers, rings, or Rip Slyme CD’s Gantz buys for its readers it will never be enough to undo the damage it did.

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