New Haruhi Character Designs Mistaken For Bad Fan Art


The release of the second Key Visual from the upcoming anime The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan was met by waves of confusion, as masses of fans mistook it for bad fan art.

The show, which is the newest iteration in the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise, is the first one not produced by Kyoto Animation, but instead by Satelight. As a result, the new character designs differ somewhat than the ones fans had been used to up to this point. But what fans weren’t prepared for was what happened next.

“I saw the key visual three times before I realized it wasn’t some shitty fan art from Pixiv or DeviantArt,” said Tom Smith, an otaku and avid Haruhi fan from Stanford, CT. “I kept thinking to myself, why are so many people sharing this lame illustration? So I decided to investigate. That’s when I found out it was the actual designs.”

Social media was rife with speculation that the designs were a hoax but multiple sources were able to confirm that yes, they really are that bad.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, emotions ran high and Akiba was nearly burned to the ground, but was saved at the last minute when people realized this show is probably going to be a borefest anyway so it really wasn’t worth getting that worked up over it. Akiba emergency services were given a well-deserved night off.

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