New Horizons Probe Fails to Find Evidence of ‘Shirobako’ Sequel


The newest image of Pluto from the New Horizons craft show no signs of Shirobako 2

The newest image of Pluto from the New Horizons craft show no signs of Shirobako 2

The NASA spacecraft New Horizons is fast approaching Pluto, and the probe is providing never before seen photographs of the dwarf planet’s surface. Though an early photograph taken 2 million miles away reveals intriguing geological details never before seen, mission scientists could not identify anything that hints towards a second season of Shirobako.

“As the probe draws closer and closer to Pluto, we are seeing more and more detail of the surface including circular structures and strange black and white patterns,” NASA scientist Jordan Conway tells Anime Maru. “These could revolutionize our understanding of planetary geology and the formation of the Solar System, but unfortunately they do not appear to indicate the existence of another season of Shirobako.

After a nine year voyage, New Horizons has traveled almost 3 billion miles in its search for a sequel to Shirobako, but scientists will have to settle for pictures of the last remaining planet to never be visited by a probe at resolutions millions of times higher than what is possible from Earth. Later this week, New Horizons will make its closes approach to Pluto, where it will photograph the surface, scan the atmosphere, and conduct one last check to see if P.A. Works is at all thinking about making another season of Shirobako.

“How are we supposed to get excited about understanding the formation and composition of Kuiper Belt objects if I can’t even look forward to more Shirobako?” one scientist lamented. “I knew I picked the wrong career path.”

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