New Japanese Era Name Revealed to be “Mecha War”

TOKYO, Japan – Japan revealed that the new era name to begin with their new emperor will be “メカ 戦争,” pronounced as “Mecha Sensō”, which means “mecha war”, in a press conference led by Yoshihide Suga, current Chief Cabinet Secretary. This will replace the current “Heisei” era which translated to “achieving peace”.

“Japan set out in the Hesei era to create an era of peace for Japan and we were highly successful,” said Suga. “But frankly, we’ve gotten kind of sick of it. We think we need to mobilize all these mechs we’ve been building and making anime on.”

News analysts worldwide have discussed what kind of impact this new era name could have, but Anime Maru instead reached out for comment to people with anime avatars on Twitter for a more insightful perspective.

“An all out mech war would be sick man, I’ve waited my whole life for this!” stated Twitter user KawaiiGundam234. “I’m ready to be a mecha pilot right now or even just watch middle schoolers fight our battles for us!”

Other Twitter users expressed concerns over the impact this new era could have on world politics.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for total war and the cool devastation it could result in,” said Twitter user RahXesaxophone. “But if Japan is focused on fighting the rest of the world, will it still have the time and manpower to make enough anime? I’d be willing to accept an era of peace as long as it means we get more Gundam at least.”

Some have asserted that the new era name is a cover for increased Japanese militarism. Prime minister Shinzo Abe was asked to comment on concerns at a press conference.

“Just focus on the cool mech part. We all love mechs don’t we?” stated Prime Minister Abe before brushing off reporters.

The Japanese government revealed that the runner up for era name was ファンサービス, which translates to “fanservice” but decided against the name after determining that it would be better to focus on such a value indefinitely rather than limit it to just one era.

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