New Japanese Rhythm Game is Just Being an Actual DJ

TOKYO, Japan — In the busy, noisy, brightly lit arcades of Akihabara, a new rhythm game is quickly rising in popularity. Disk Jack is a sensation sweeping Japan where players press buttons, turn knobs, and spin a turntable to the timing of music. Critics have praised innovative and complex game play, which allows players to play two or more songs at the same time.

“I really love the freedom Disk Jack gives the player; I can mix any two songs together and equalize, cue, and crossfade them to the beat of the music,” Disk Jack fanatic Moyohara Yuuko tells Anime Maru.

“The controller reminds me of Beatmanix IIDX, except Disk Jack is easier.”

The game is so impressive that people have been known to gather and watch skilled “Disk Jackers” play. Though the game was only released a few weeks ago, elite players look as if they have been playing for years.

“It’s almost like a performance. I don’t know what the guy playing Disk Jack is going to do next, and the music is really cool and really gets you moving,” another Disk Jack fan says.

Despite the rave reviews and large library of EDM, anime, and Touhou songs, many fans have bemoaned the expensive and complex controller featured in Disk Jack. Setups often cost thousands of dollars, making it impractical to play the game at home.

“I guess I have to leave my room if I want enjoy Disk Jack, but that’s alright since it’s a fun atmosphere with a bunch of people enjoying the music,” says Moyohara.

In related news, next week Sega is expected to unveil a new arcade game in order to compete with Chunithm: a classical music rhythm game with 88 buttons.

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