New Mobile Game Sweeping Japan is Actually Just Random Number Generator


A new mobile game released in Japan earlier this month called Fortuna Mobile Revolution has gained nearly 100 thousand subscribers in a matter of days. The game, based on the cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator Fortuna, has players control moe anthropomorphized random number generators. The player’s random number generators are used to determine the rate of gatcha pulls, which players use to collect more random number generators with different abilities and cute character portraits. Players can also collect items such as entropy accumulators and block ciphers to upgrade their random number generators.

While the basic version is free to play, players can use micro-transactions that allow them to run the randomization algorithms multiple times a day, or unlock rare random seed files and hope for a chance to acquire more unique characters.

“In terms of design, Fortuna Mobile Revolution really captures the essence of what makes mobage so popular,” said Daniel Fairbanks, a mobile application market analyst at Nielsen Media Group. “Unlike Fate/Grand Order, it eliminates the painstaking process of narrative and gameplay and skips right to the euphoria of under 1% probability rare pulls.”

The game is lauded for its battle system, where players pit their random number generators against each other and compete for rare items or additional gatcha pulls.

A special promotional event currently happening in Fortuna Mobile Revolution gives players the opportunity to acquire a unique character by first pulling a rare random number generator at a rate of 0.88%, and then using that rare random number generator to pull the desired character at a rate of 0.24%. This event exclusive character generates numbers using the middle-square Weyl Sequence, and can only be acquired during the one-week-long event.

Though Fortuna Mobile Revolution is still in its infancy, its player base is growing and full of excitement.

“These random number generators are all so cute!” one player tells Anime Maru. “I quit Fate/Grand Order because I didn’t find it exciting anymore. But with Fortuna Mobile Revolution I finally feel welcome in hell.”


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