New ‘Monogatari’ Thing Apparently Airing this Summer


The official website for the Monogatari anime series, based off Nisioisin’s light novel franchise of the same name, announced that a new anime related to the franchise will air this summer titled Owarimonogatari.

Somewhat confusingly, an anime named Owarimonogatari has already aired in 2015, as our research department vaguely remembers. When we asked various anime fans to comment, many assumed that the franchise concluded a year or so ago, and struggle to remember anything past Kizumonogatari. To add to the perplexity, the title “Owarimonogatari” roughly translates to “End Story”, leading fans to assume that the franchise has concluded. Analysts here at Anime Maru cannot think of a reason another anime titled as such would be airing this August.

“Alright, I know there’s the two seasons of Bakemonogatari, the Nisemonogatari show that had that toothbrush scene, then there’s like a movie, right?” anime fan Jason Carlisle recalls when pressed for a comment. “I think Katanagatari and Oremonogatari are in there too somewhere.”

Carlisle vaguely remembers the franchise continuing to release anime in the last three years, but failed to identify or describe any of them in detail.

“I usually just say how much I love Yotsugi and Ougi and people stop asking me questions.”

According to studio Shaft, the anime will cover the arcs for “Mayoi Hell”, “Hitagi Rendezvous”, and “Ougi Dark” from the fifth volume of Nisioisin’s fifth b- ok holy shit how many of these are there? I remember this show was just about some girl who has crabs and this dude dealing with the a bunch of girls who are possessed by demons but holy crap how do you apparently turn this into the Malazan Book of the Fallen who even watches all these shows anymore?

“Anyway, I’m just waiting for Infinity War,” Carlisle concluded.

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