New “Otaku Cannon” Project Allows Fans to Shoot Money Directly at Anime Creators

Tokyo Otaku Mode announced the launch of a new project earlier today that will allow fans to directly support the production of anime. The project, called Otaku Cannon, will allow anime fans to support their favorite shows through what the company is calling “blast funding”.

According to Tokyo Otaku Mode, fans are free to send in as much or as little as they can spare. The cash is then carefully collected and wrapped into half-meter cubic bundles before being loaded into a giant high-powered air cannon capable of launching the funds directly into the residences of animators.

“We have never before had such a precise and direct form of supporting anime in the west,” Jasmine Cheng, a marketing director of Tokyo Otaku Mode, declared enthusiastically. “Fans have been struggling for years trying to find a way to support the anime they love and we have finally found the solution.”

Tokyo Otaku Mode initially planned to use their new cryptocurrency Otaku Coin in order to accomplish their goal, but the project was scrapped as the idea was thought to be too convoluted to ever succeed.

“By comparison, the process of stuffing money into a giant cannon is a much more realistic approach,” said Cheng.

But not all animators are on board with the proposed program.

“While I appreciate the effort, what we really need is a long term solution that makes working in the industry possible without sacrificing our health or being grossly underpaid,” Japanese animator Hiroko Kiyoshi told Anime Maru. “Just last week I worked over 70 hours and I still barely get by in this tiny apartment. Now I have to worry about projectiles crashing through my roof.”

“Hey, are you even listening to me? Wait where are you going? I haven’t finished talking yet,” Hiroko concluded.

At press time, fans were seen eagerly lining up to load their money into the cannon. Prominent members of the community also encouraged others to do the same least risk being labeled as not true anime fans.

“It feels good to finally have a way to support the anime industry,” recent Otaku Cannon donator Trevor Norton told Anime Maru. “I better never see a bad anime again, now that there are no more budget problems.”

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