New Reality Show on TLC Features Man with Multiple Waifu


AMERICAN FORK, UT — Sister Waifu, a new reality show featuring unemployed anime fan Luke Cooper and his four waifu, aired last night on TLC. Known for its other programming such as Kate Plus 8 and 19 Kids and Counting, TLC reality shows often feature domestic themes in a sensational setting. Sister Waifu is no different — the Coopers are anime polygamists; Luke Cooper has four waifu: Amari Akari from Girlfriend Beta, Asuna from Sword Art Online, Hagikaze from Kantai Collection, and Yazawa Niko from Love Live.

“I just really love all these cute anime girls,” Cooper explains while holding a body pillow in each arm. “Asking me to pick just isn’t fair. I love them all and I dedicate my heart to all of them.”

Cooper clarified during last night’s episode that he is not part of the mainstream Mormon church, a religious organization that has made great efforts to distance itself from Cooper.

Much of the show is shot in Cooper’s small, cramped basement. He owns multiple body pillows and has posters of each of his waifu. Several figurines were visible on a bookshelf as well as in the sink.The main drama this season will be Cooper’s decision to court a fifth waifu: Kawakami Mai from Phantom World. The show focuses closely on the jealousy and insecurity among the other waifu caused by Cooper’s interest in Mai.

The taboo nature of Cooper’s relationship has already caused considerable controversy. Countless posts on social media have derided Cooper for his choice of waifu and his inability to commit to a single relationship. More consequential, however, is the threat of legal prosecution. Utah police announced in a statement earlier today that they will investigate Cooper because “Hagikaze is already my waifu. Hands off!”

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