New Research Confirms: Studio Trigger Did Not Save Anime

The researchers could not prove a steady levelling-off above the so-called "Salvation Threshold"The researchers could not prove a steady leveling-off above the so-called “Salvation Threshold”

CAMBRIDGE, MA A team of researchers at MIT has announced the results of a comprehensive study into the possible salvation of anime by relative newcomer Studio Trigger.

“They came close,” said team leader Dr. Rajat Palar, “but even the impressive trifecta of Inferno Cop, Little Witch Academia, and Kill la Kill didn’t provide sufficiently convincing proof that Trigger saved anime, at least not in the scientific sense.”

The results of the study, which relied on complex statistical model analysis as well as exhaustive field work, are set to be published in the coming issue of the Northeast Science Journal. “Despite a clearly demonstrable rise in all relevant metrics,” wrote the authors, “we cannot safely confirm a steady levelling-out above the salvation threshold.”

But apparently all hope is not lost. “It could be closer than you think,” said team member Diane Feller-Green. “The Kickstarter for Little Witch Academia 2 was very encouraging, but I think a Mako x Gamagoori spinoff, if they choose to make one, could definitely push us over the edge. These are exciting times.”

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