New Season of Symphogear Postponed Until Staff can Come up with Ridiculous Enough Plot

The fifth season of popular anime franchise Symphogear is scheduled to air in 2019, but before the fans get their hands on Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV, the series director Katsumi Ono revealed worrisome details that might affect the production of the anime. In addition to admitting his difficulty with understanding how Roman numerals work, Ono voiced concerns on the staff not being confident of their capabilities to come up with an absurd enough plot to do the Symphogear title justice.

“I feel like I’ve been dealt a bad hand,” Ono lamented as he looked back on the series history, recalling iconic moments such as when the main character literally punched a moon in the first finale. “Imagine being in my shoes and having to one-up that one. Do I have her punch, what, the sun? Or the galaxy or some shit?”

In a studio brainstorming session, Ono suggested that the new series could start with the cast parrying tank projectiles with their fists, but as it turns out the last season already opened with a similar scene.

As a desperate last resort, Ono has requested that fans of the franchise send in their suggestions on what different and new things protagonist Hibiki Tachibana can possibly punch this season as at the current pace nobody is going to punch anything until 2025. The staff state they are open to all suggestions, as long as it’s a thing Hibiki hasn’t punched yet, because at this point not even staff members could recall all the instances of the wild fisting ride.

If adequate suggestions aren’t received in time, Ono claimed that the new season would just feature 12 episodes of Yukine Kurisu being bullied over and over again as he was still confident that his staff could pull that off right.

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