New Service ‘DakimaKrate’ Sends Monthly Pillow Covers For Seasonal Waifu


Loot Crate, an online retailer of of various subscription box services such as Loot Anime, has announced that they will be launching a new service called DakimaKrate, a monthly subscription service that will focus solely on dakimakura covers.

“For some people, their waifu is their laifu. But others are more fickle with their love and are constantly seeking out the newest waifu,” a press release from Loot Crate read in part.

“To help those people keep up, we’ve created a service where we will send you a new dakimakura cover each month that’s relevant to what’s currently airing. For just $30.00 a month we’ll pick your new waifu for you, and you won’t have to stress over scouring over new anime to find the right waifu to replace your old model.”


“This month’s pillow is Utaha Kasumigaoka, whose show Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Flat is airing right now, and who we happened to have extra covers for from when she stopped being popular when the first season finished. For June we’re tentatively planning a Mitsuha Miyamizu cover, and from then on we’ll basically just pick whatever the newest addition to the Newtype best girl poll is.”

Because one loot crate is never enough, the company has also announced a second service, Throwback DakimaKrate!

“For a separate charge of only $28 a month, we’ll send you covers of classic waifu from seasons past such as Saber, Asuna and Haruhi,” the release adds. “We’re even planning to include some more obscure and no longer relevant waifus, like Hestia!”

Loot Crate has clarified that they do not accept returned covers at the end of the month, and that the old waifu should be put in the trash, where they belong.

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