New Slayers Season ‘Mighty Magiswords’ to Air in Japan in Winter 2017


J.C. Staff announced today that the sixth season of Slayers, subtitled Mighty Magiswords, will air on Tokyo MX in January 2017. The show is a co-production with Cartoon Network Studios, and started airing on Cartoon Network in September this year.

“Globalization is the future of anime,” Slayers director Takashi Watanabe told reporters, “First there was Cartoon Network’s simultaneous airing of Space Dandy, then there was the new Lupin III series, which aired first in Italy. Mighty Magiswords is the next step forward, and we’re very happy to work together with Cartoon Network to bring you the next chapter in the Slayers franchise.”

The new season features Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev on a new quest to collect a series of magical relics called “Magiswords.” The series has largely dropped the supporting case of the original series, and is intended to be approachable for a new audience, but Watanabe assured viewers that Lina and Gourry are still unmistakably the main characters, even with their newest character designs.

Watanabe told reporters they were updating Slayers for a global audience and were going in a more cartoonish direction in the hopes of appealing to American and Japanese audiences. “We’ve even let Cartoon Network Studios do a lot of the animating to get across the new style. This is new era of global production staffs, and we’re pretty sure no one wants to strictly define anime solely by its creators originating entirely within Japan.”

Watanabe admitted to reporters that he hasn’t had a lot of involvement in the English dub of Mighty Magiswords as he is focused on the Japanese version, but assumes that the dub staff is doing a good job and are not making any changes that would make the show’s connections to Slayers unclear.

Anime fans have reacted to this announcement with shock and disgust that there were actually fourth and fifth seasons of Slayers.

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