New Study: Anime Avatar Makes Opinions Up To 90% Less Relevant


BERKELEY, CA – A new study conducted at UC Berkeley’s School of Social Media Sciences discovered that having an anime avatar on social networking sites makes one’s opinions largely irrelevant. The study will be published in this month’s issue of Social Sciences Review.

“The results are quite uncanny,” said team member Dr. Rebecca Fordham. “No matter the topic or the level of knowledge the user possesses on that topic, once paired with the anime avatar, the end result is opinions that are up to 90% less relevant in some cases.”

Team leader Dr. Pervesh Murfaz told Anime Maru that he has been instinctively dismissing the opinions of people with anime avatars for years, but that he finally has the empirical basis to behave that way. “Somehow a Twitter user with a master’s degree in engineering and years of experience in the field becomes less important than some random 16-year-old kid from Tumblr merely for having a Maki Nishikino avatar. Could you believe it?”

Both Drs. Fordham and Murfaz said that social media users will finally have the ready-made excuse to dismiss opinions that they’ve always wanted. “Once you see that anime girl, you know you don’t even have to give a shit what they say,” Murfaz said, beaming.

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