Newegg Implements Gacha System for Purchasing Graphics Cards

Graphics card shortages have persisted into 2021 as high demand continues to outpace current production levels. New GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD remain scarce with retailers struggling to keep the latest cards on store shelves.

In response to the ongoing shortages, online retailer Newegg has begun implementing a new ordering system for purchasing graphics cards. Customers will no longer be able to directly order graphics cards; instead users can perform “rolls” which will provide a random chance to be able to purchase certain hardware. Rolls can be done in exchange for “eggs” which can either be earned by logging into the Newegg Mobile app each day or purchased with real money.

Newegg claims that the new system will help to more fairly allow customers a chance to get certain highly sought after graphics cards by filtering potential winners down to only those desperate and deranged enough to spend the money and time required. While bots could theoretically still enter such a system, most AI programs determine the effort to be far too inefficient to pursue.

The new system has not been entirely without criticism, however. Users have already begun complaining about poor pull rates for cards like the RTX 3080. Many also discovered that the majority of their rolls would result in items that were worthless such as incompatible motherboards or subscriptions to Google Stadia. Some even claimed to have spent money on hundreds of rolls only to come up empty-handed.

“I wanted to get a GeForce RTX 3070 for my new build, but so far I just keep pulling GT 710’s,” a user under the name WailordPhantasm commented on the r/gachagaming subreddit. “This is ridiculous. I’ve gotten like 50 of these things so far.”

Despite initial criticisms, the new system seems to have been successful enough for Newegg to continue for the foreseeable future with a new banner event featuring Ryzen 5000 series processors already announced for the upcoming week.

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