NFT of an Idol Character Sells for $600,000

A non-fungible token, or NFT, of the character Mio Honda from the Idolmaster franchise has sold for $600,000. The transaction is the latest in recent trends of the crypto market which has seen a huge boom over the past several months.

Non-fungible tokens are a relatively new concept, tying certificates of ownership to digital files. While files can still be easily copied, certification is recorded on a blockchain ensuring that there is only one verified owner of the original.

The NFT was put up for auction and consisted of an animated gif of Mio Honda known for being used in an online video featuring the song ‘Step!’. In the final hours of bidding, the price shot up significantly, eventually ending at a final price in Ethereum cryptocurrency equivalent to roughly $600,000. The sale constitutes the largest known amount to ever be simped away on a fictional girl in a single instance.

The buyer of the dancing Mio Honda gif is unknown, identified only by a cryptocurrency wallet address, although it is assumed that the buyer likely already has a history of poor financial decisions if they are into Idolmaster.

“I think we’re really only seeing the beginning of where this market could go,” crypto financial analyst Jared Kroger told Anime Maru. “We have already seen the rise in valuation of digital assets from things like gacha games. NTFs are the next step allowing people to not just unlock pictures of anime girls in a game, but to have actual proof of ownership for their jpegs.”

The concept of NFTs has challenged the idea of what can be bought and sold, including more than just images. Other recent sales of NFTs include an audio recording of the song ‘Caramelldansen’ and a screenshot subtitled with the phrase “People die if they are killed”.

“We’ve entered a whole new era of depravity,” added Kroger. “Like it or not, the future is already here.”

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