Nintendo Announces ‘Mario Gender Reveal Party’ for Switch

Nintendo teased new information today about the next title in their long running Mario Party series of video games. The next iteration in the series will officially be titled Mario Gender Reveal Party and will feature virtual game boards and minigames themed around the idea of expecting couples revealing the gender of their baby in extravagant ways.

Mario Gender Reveal Party will be the first game in the series to introduce four-way cooperative gameplay. Players will team up in pairs and compete with three other couples to reveal the gender of their new child in the most over the top way possible. Instead of collecting stars, like in previous games, players will work to gather smoke bombs which explode in either blue or pink at the end of the game depending on the gender of the baby. Coins won during the round can be used to purchase various items such as cakes, balloons, pyrotechnics, and confetti cannons which aid couples in preparing for their grand announcement.

Unable to win over Princess Peach, Bowser makes a return as the game’s main antagonist, attempting to thwart the celebrations by creating chaos throughout the game board. If a couple lands on a Bowser space, a random event will trigger which will make something go wrong for one of the gender reveal parties. The events can range from smaller issues, like the special cake ordered for the reveal toppling over during delivery, to large disasters like malfunctioning pyrotechnics lighting the Mushroom Kingdom on fire.

Nintendo has stated that Mario Gender Reveal Party will become available sometime next year. When it is officially released, Nintendo plans to have the game come in two different variations – an “It’s a Boy!” and an “It’s a Girl!” edition. Each copy of the game will come sealed in a special pressurized case which will blast out a cloud of either blue or pink glitter, depending on the edition, when it is first opened. All copies will look the same from the outside making it a complete surprise which version of the game any copy might be.

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