Nintendo Plans New “Nintendo Indirect” Event

Nintendo has garnered years of goodwill from fans with its “Nintendo Direct” series of videos showcasing new games, reveals, and other content related to the gaming giant. But with recent events, the usual videos have been delayed or replaced with smaller Directs focused on second and third-party games for the Nintendo Switch. This has drawn the ire of devoted fans who remain starved for information about anything Nintendo-related.

Popular topics mentioned by fans on Twitter including possible DLC characters for the company’s hit fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate, news on upcoming titles such as Metroid Prime 4, and an English release of Gameboy Advance RPG Mother 3.

In response to the outcry, Nintendo has responded with a mysterious tweet announcing a “Nintendo Indirect” on Twitter to be released via YouTube, as per a press release “sometime between the present point in the time-space continuum and the heat death of the universe and possibly even after”.

According to leaks from sources close to the Big N, the Indirect was described internally as an event that “may or may not actually exist, might announce the existence of one or more new games amongst all those that can or ever could manifest in this reality or any other, and may even possibly offer updates on games that might or might not currently be in development with a release window spanning all possible permutations of this universe’s timeline”.

When the Indirect did premiere, fans were greeted with an empty room with red brick walls. From seemingly another place entirely, the sound of someone rambling off a list of vague Nintendo related statements could be heard.

“The next Super Mario title will appear on a Nintendo console.”

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 will feature gameplay.”

“The third set of Generation 8 Pokemon DLC will be paid DLC.”

Metroid Prime 4 will come out next year unless it doesn’t.”

Mother 3 is a Gameboy Advance game released in Japan in 2006.”

Said statements were later confirmed to be “50% true” by the official Nintendo Twitter.

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