Nisekoi Fans Looking Forward to Second Season to Finally Wrap Up The Plot


With the new season only a few weeks away, the Nisekoi anime fandom is eagerly speculating how the second season will finally bring closure to the show’s long running romantic arc. We sat down with a group of anime loyal Nisekoi fans who have avoided all spoilers from the manga to get their thoughts on the show’s second season.

Nisekoi’s been a lot of fun, and what’s really at the heart of that fun is the deeply engaging storyline. The show sets up the mystery of a girl who gave the main character a locket, and they’re constantly dropping hints as to who it’s going to be. I just know that Naoshi Komi is planning a really great reveal that will fully flesh out the character’s backstories and bring romantic closure.”

Fans are particularly excited for the introduction of the newest character to the series, Kosaki Onodera’s little sister Haru Onodera. “Haru’s surely going to be a key element in progressing Nisekoi’s storyline along. I’m sure the author will use Haru’s ties to her sister to develop Kosaki further and allow her to finally be honest about her feelings and admit them to Raku. I mean, the only other thing you could do with Haru would be to have her develop a crush on Raku, which would make the harem completely unmanageable and would only drag out the story. Komi would never pull focus away from what’s really important about the show, the mystery of the locket.”

While the Nisekoi fans have greatly enjoyed the show thus far, they are largely in agreement that the second season should be the final one. “All of the main pieces are already in play, so now all the show needs to do to be great is to pull together for the finale. Truthfully, the writers probably could wrap up the story in a single cour, but they’ll probably go for two cours before ending the series, which is about what I’d say the story’s earned. I mean, anything more than that at this point would be ridiculous.”            

Readers of the Nisekoi manga have reacted to anime-only viewers anticipations by laughing hysterically, then breaking down crying before inevitably getting sidetracked with a debate over who is Best Girl.

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