Normal Cafe Opens in Akihabara


TOKYO, Japan — The waitress smiles as she walks over to the table.

“Can I get you something to drink?” the college-aged server asked, dressed in a blouse and nondescript apron.

This is Coffee Time, a brand new cafe that opened in the Akihabara District of Tokyo. The waitresses here serve drinks, take orders, and give indirect eye contact to customers. Coffee Time is the first of its kind here in Akihabara, and it’s giving the residents a taste of a new style of dining.

“Some of the customers get a little weirded out, but settle down after ordering something,” says owner Inamura Keisuke. “I want to give the people here a taste of the culture outside Akihabara.”

Indeed, service at this quiet eatery is a unique experience. Immediately after entering, patrons are greeted with “Welcome, would you like a table or a booth?”

Water is promptly served, and the customer is handed a menu of drinks and a few food items. After ordering, my omelette rice came with an unremarkable blob of ketchup on top.

This definitely could take some getting used to.

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