Normal Human Mistakenly Enrolls in Normal High School

TOKYO, Japan — Normal human student Haruto Takahashi has found himself mistakenly enrolled in a normal Japanese high school, Seijo High, according to a post on his Facebook. This has caused intense disappointment for Takahashi.

“When I mistakenly fell down that hill and found the abandoned shrine, I knew this had to be the start of a real adventure. I found a flier for Seijo High in the shrine and knew I had to go there,” explained Takahasi in his Facebook post. “With those circumstances how could it not be a school for ghosts or demons or at least hot anime girls? But I’ve seen nothing of the sort.”

Anime Maru contacted Seijo High related to Haruto’s concerns.

“Seijo High provides a high quality, safe, and standard educational curriculum to all students. Students prepare for modern careers in today’s Japan,” explained Seijo High principal Yua Tanaka. “Sure, our marketing plan of putting fliers in abandoned shrines is a big quirky, but private universities need to use creative strategies to recruit students these days.”

Some students expressed similar concern with the high school.

“Everyday we have multiple classes where we have to learn topics and are later tested on them,” said student Haru Watanabe. “Anime has not prepared me for this kind of education at all.”

“I’m graduating in March and I already have a full-time job lined up, with good pay and benefits” said student Kaito Ito. “Like, it kind of sounds good, but who wants to go off and lead a normal life and career?”

While there are those that are concerned about Seijo High, much of the student body sees appeal to its nature.

“Isekai feels kind of played out to me,” said Nanami Masaki. “Some realism without over the top shenanigans seems appealing. We can just learn and grow up in peace.”

“Yes, everything is normal and definitely no one is hiding anything,” said student Isuna Kitsune as she tucked her tail back under her skirt.

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