North Korea Unveils Its Own Version of Crunchyroll


Earlier this week, North Korea revealed a Netflix-like device called Manbang that will soon be available to its citizens, which will allow the viewing on on-demand programs. In Korean, ‘manbang’ means ‘everything’.

More recent reports have indicated that a Crunchyroll-like version of an anime streaming device will also soon be available to all government-mandated televisions in the country. Sources state the new anime device will be named Trapfuck, which is Korean for ‘mistake’.

Long time Crunchyroll users and avid anime forum commentators have expressed excitement over the new streaming site, hoping that it will offer new and innovate harem anime that is a refreshing break from the last several seasons.

“I will probably get a proxy to check out this new Asian country’s anime, it looks really good” anime fan Aaron “kirinoLuvr69” Nagy told Anime Maru. “I finally have a place to watch anime that promote the glorious and revolutionary Juche idea of Great Leader Kim Il-Sung.”

According to reports, the site boasts simulcasts, 1080p video, and exclusively anime of high ideological rigor. Initial titles include 2015’s Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst and Ore no Glorious Leader ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, an original title which a heartwarming tale about a beautiful supermodel leader who also happens to collect otaku merchandise and rule a country at the same time.


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