North Korean Hackers Threaten Attacks Unless KanColle Anime is Cancelled


TOKYO, JAPAN – The mysterious hacker group Guardians of Peace (GOP) has issued its latest threat – this time to the production committee behind the upcoming Kantai Collection anime. The group, believed to be acting on orders from North Korea’s top echelon, threatened to wreak havoc on Kadokawa’s mainframes and erase all saved data on the KanColle game servers if the anime airs as planned in January 2015.

“Make no mistake, this threat is genuine,” read a note posted by the group on KanColle‘s official message board. “We advise the Production Committee to seriously weigh their steps and choose to spare themselves and many others the unnecessary suffering resulting in the release of this anime.”

Security analysts estimate that North Korean leadership is worried about the effects that the anime could have on the naval power balance in the Sea of Japan. “The anime could create the mistaken impression of a Japanese naval buildup, which could spur unrest along North Korea’s eastern shoreline,” said Zhang Qi, an expert on inter-Asian relations. He added: “The fact that the anime has a school setting could also paint a picture of Japan as a nation training its citizens for warfare from an early age. DPRK officials cannot let this image percolate into the collective consciousness of the citizenry, and hence they likely ordered the GOP hacker group to act.”

“Or maybe they just hate moe,” he added as an afterthought.


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