Nyaa Begins Sending DMCA Takedown Notices Due To Possibility Of Becoming Legit Some Day


LOS ANGELES, CA – In the hopes of someday transitioning to the legal content model in the vein of Crunchyroll and Fakku, Nyaa Torrents have already begun sending DMCA takedown notices to fellow illegal anime providers.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, one Nyaa official told Anime Maru that the website has decided to get ahead of the curve by claiming copyright on property that it has not yet even licensed. “If we ever do go legit at some point, we will be way too busy with other things to also start sending cease and desist letters to our former compatriots, so we’re just getting ahead of the game,” he said.

“Just look at all the bad press Fakku is getting,” said another Nyaa administrator. “It is totally diverting attention away from the news that they are now a legitimate website. By starting early with the ugly business of telling our fellow torrent providers that some day in the future we will legally own these properties and hence they should remove them from their services immediately, we both gain a competitive advantage in the illegal torrent market and eliminate the need to take care of this stuff if we ever do go legit. It’s a win-win situation!”

Asked whether or not this makes them hypocrites, one staffer said: “Sure, I guess, but our users all torrent anime so they aren’t exactly in a position to judge us, now are they?”

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