NyaaTorrents Announces Spring Anime Lineup


NyaaTorrents announced today that once again, it will have every anime show from the Spring season available for free illegal download.

A press release from the site read: “Again, Nyaa is proud to bring anime fans around the world every single show from the Spring 2014 season. Despite recent crackdowns by the Japanese government, our network of pirates is still extensive and is working tirelessly to rip shows at the best possible quality. We are also committed to our partnerships with the various fansub groups and will have all the content ready for download as soon as physically possible.”

Fan reactions were predictably mixed. While some expressed pleasure with the extensive availability at no cost, others magically found things to complain about. One user wrote: “What’s the deal with Commie and their loose translations anyway? I’d use Horriblesubs but for some reason they are only available after the shows air on Crunchyroll.”

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