Obama Announces New Initiative to Save Anime


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a surprise press conference this morning in the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama announced a new federally backed initiative to save anime. The initiative calls for American-based companies to fund or produce any anime-related projects they can.

“It has come to my attention that the great tradition of anime is in desperate need of saving,” the President told the assembled press.

“The United States of America cannot bear to see its great friend and ally Japan suffer the loss of such an important part of its national identity, be it anime, manga, karate, karaoke, or of course, emojis” Obama continued, careful to pronounce the Japanese words with a stressed accent. “With this in mind, my administration will do everything in its power to help save anime.”

The President’s declaration comes on the heels of Toonami’s announcement that it will work with Production I.G. to produce a second season of FLCL, considered by many leading MyAnimeList.net analysts to be one of the deepest and greatest shows of all time. President Obama claimed that both the new FLCL season and Rooster Teeth Productions’ acclaimed anime series RWBY were part of the new American drive to save anime.

President Obama’s fondness for anime is not without precedent. During Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s 2015 visit to the U.S., Obama thanked Japan for its enormous contributions to American weeb culture. Although most took this as a positive note of appreciation, some believe it to have been a burst of frustrated sarcasm after Malia Obama ran out the White House’s data plan while binging all 366 episodes of Bleach and sending increasingly convoluted emojis to her friends.

Some observers have reason to doubt the President’s ability to follow through on the plan. “All he said was ‘manga and anime,’” ANN forum moderator and anime critic KoolOtaku34 explained to Anime Maru. “He didn’t mention any specific shows, and that makes us worry. Maybe he really is on the level and watches real shows like Mushishi and Evangelion, or maybe he’s just some Naruto casual. We can’t know for sure until he discloses his MAL username.”

Other analysts were unsure of the necessity of the initiative, with some radicals claiming that Nickelodeon already saved anime once with Avatar: The Last Airbender in 2005 and again with The Legend of Korra in 2012. Anime Maru declined to press for further comments on the popularity of RWBY after one reporter was assaulted by furious bloggers.

At the time of this writing the White House has announced its intention to establish an American Anime Initiative Committee to help fund further U.S. based efforts to save anime. Toonami spokespeople have announced plans to reboot other classic anime works, such as Spirited Away ~after story~ and Cowboy Bebop: 2nd Jam. When asked if they planned to create new original series rather than rehashing older shows, one representative just laughed.

“What, are you crazy?” he said. “We’re trying to save anime here, not destroy it.”

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