Obama Reminds Nation to Catch Up on Love Live before New Season Airs


WASHINGTON — Barack Obama took to social media earlier this week, reminding Americans to finish the Love Live! School Idol Project anime before its second season begins airing in Spring 2014. “It is now time for Americans to finish watching the first season of Love Live,” President Obama stated at a press conference Monday night. “This will ensure that we as a nation are prepared for the second season.”

President Obama’s campaign to get Americans to watch Love Live has been a long and arduous struggle for his administration. Republicans are still standing firm in their opposition to Love Live, and will certainly be flaunting that platform come midterm elections. The White House claimed last week that more than 6 million people had watched Love Live! through the government-sponsored stream on Crunchyroll.

On Fox News last weekend, Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) accused the administration of misrepresenting the popularity of Love Live!. “Sure, people may have watched the show, but did they even pay attention? Can you even pay attention to this stupid idol anime? This is a waste of time getting the American people to sit through this trash.” Baraasso said.

Technical issues further complicated the administration’s efforts to introduce Love Live! to the American people. An Anime Maru source reported that Crunchyroll was unavailable earlier this morning due to unscheduled maintenance. An hour later, the site was back online, but the Love Live! stream needed several minutes to buffer. “We are expecting records amounts of traffic today,” said a Crunchyroll representative. “We are currently handling millions of visits over the course of only a few hours, and have upgraded our servers to meet demand.”

As the deadline quickly approaches, Obama has been ferverously pushing Americans to get caught up on Love Live!, claiming that the show features “many different girls to choose from, and the freedom to choose the right one for you.”


Americans who have not started watching the first season of Love Live! today risk paying a fine during tax time next year.



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