Obama Zings Putin At Anime Correspondents Dinner: ‘He Thinks he’s a Member of Zvezda or Something’


WASHINGTON – President Obama was the star of the evening at last night’s White House Anime Correspondents Dinner, sending a string of comedic jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I think he enjoyed Sekai Seifuku a little too much,” said the President. “He thinks he’s a member of Zvezda or something.”

“I’d like to talk about a news outlet that lives on sensationalist coverage. They say whatever they can to get a rise out of you and fulfill its agenda. Yes, Colony Drop is here tonight, everyone.”

No one was safe from the president’s witty barbs, including Republican leaders, whom he called “those Mahouka fans,” and Fox News’ unfavorable coverage of Obamacare, which he said was “even worse than reviews of Sword Art Online.”

“With all this gridlock on Capitol Hill,” the Commander-in-Chief continued, “I don’t know what moves slower, Congress or Hunter x Hunter.”

“I’m pleased to announce that Fox News will air an anime about me later this year. Kenya Boy.

Another topic of the president’s remarks was his recent visit to Japan. “I had a very serious meeting with Prime Minister Abe,” said Obama, “and I am confident that we will able to bring KanColle to American browsers in the near future.”

Artist rendering of what Vladimir Putin would look like if he was the leader of Zvezda

Artist rendering of what Vladimir Putin would look like if he was the leader of Zvezda

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