Oblivious Mother Happy To Hear Her Son’s Friend Group Going on About Their Love Lives


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — Mrs. Peterson makes no claims to understand the otaku interests of her son Collin Peterson, but she is happy to have recently overheard conversations between her son and his friends about their love lives.

“Collin’s friends all seem to be very passionate about their romantic lives. Often times I’ll be cleaning outside Collin’s room and I’ll hear them yelling things like ‘I have the best love live!’ or ‘Hanayo is best girl!’ Normally I’d comment on their bad grammar, but when someone is in love such things don’t really matter.”

“They really seem to care deeply about their girlfriends. Just a few weeks ago they were all at Trevor’s house celebrating his girlfriend Honoka’s birthday. I’ve never actually met her myself, but from what I’ve heard about her she seems like a sweet girl. Frankly I’m a little surprised Trevor was even able to get a girlfriend in the first place, but I suppose true love wins out.”

Mrs. Peterson also tells us that her son’s friends are so passionate towards romance that they’ve even started matchmaking with their other friends. “Collin seems to really think that his friend Maki would be a good girlfriend for his friend Nico, but Trevor insists that Maki should be with some fellow named Rin. They really get into it, it must be a sensitive issue among them.”

For his part, Collin is much shyer about expressing his feelings to his mother. “Oh, he’ll never tell me directly, but I constantly overhear him going on about how much he loves Umi. I’m rooting for him, though I do think his chances would be improved if he put away all those pictures and figures of that blue haired anime girl in his room.”

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