Oda Eiichiro Discovers Good Pacing, Realizes One Piece Should Have Been 200 Chapters

TOKYO — Oda Eiichiro, author of One Piece, the most popular and best selling manga series of all time, acknowledged that the series is horrendously paced in a recent press conference.

“I realize that I’m several years late, but I recently watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and was astonished by how the characters went from living in humble, underground villages to piloting 80-million-light-year-tall giant robots and using galaxies as shuriken only 27 episodes later. The escalation of the series happens so quickly even though the scope of what is going on is definitively greater than what I have planned for One Piece,” Oda said.

Oda stated that he could not help but cringe as he looked back through the 700+ chapters he had produced since the series started in 1997. “90% of the characters are inconsequential and offer only dialogue that has no narrative or comedic purpose. I found that only 1 in 10 chapters actually advanced the plot in any sort of meaningful way, meaning that the length of 2000 chapters I had planned was an order of magnitude off.”

Oda went on apologized to his fans for unknowingly and unnecessarily deluding them into following the manga for so long, confessing that he had learned how to pace his writing from reading books by Charles Dickens and Nathaniel Hawthorne. The press conference ended with Oda announcing that he planned to finish the series within the next year.

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