Online Doujin Community Spawns Literary Criticism Movement


Columbia University professor John Gresholm combs through his collection of scanlated eromanga.

AMSTERDAM – The adult Japanese fanworks community website has seen the creation of a literary criticism movement that hopes to improve that state of fan-submitted works by amateur translators. The movement’s leaders believe they are entitled to raise the standards of amateur translations to fan sites on the Internet.

“We believe in elevating fan scanlations as an art form, and submit it to the same academic peer review as poetry or narrative,” said movement leader John Gresholm, an English professor at Columbia University.

The movement began late last year in response to a group called Laruffii began flooding the site with translated doujinshi that were deemed to be of poor quality.

“People actually read the dialogue?” asked Goatse, the leader of Laruffii. He continued, “two years ago, it didn’t matter if every one of these doujins was Google Translated shit. No one reads the words, they just jack off to the images.”

“Years ago, I was just like most of the users who simply jacked off to the pictures without any meaning,” said Gresholm admitted. “Then I came across one that had almost no sex in it and read the beautiful language that came from these characters. That doujin changed me.

There are plans for the creation of the E-Hentai Scanlation Literary Review, a periodical which its creators hope can be sold at fine bookstores across the world.

“We already have several promising examples of the work we want to see from the scanlation community,” said Gresholm, as showed Anime Maru the contents of a doujin titled School Idol Toilet Project. ”

“Look at the font styling right here, fitting just inside the speech bubble. And on this page, do you see how they naturally translated this double entendre, preserving the pun’s suitableness in English?”

“I love how the translator balances contemporary English phrasing while maintaining faithfulness to the original source,” continued Gresholm as he paused on a page where urine streams down Nishikino Maki’s face. “This is great stuff.”

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