Op-Ed: A Parent’s Guide To ‘Mad Bull 34’


Carole Meisweisser
Concerned Mom

In a world where such filth as Eromanga Sensei and Hand Holders is allowed to air on TV, it’s important that we look about at the landmark series from our youth. I am of course talking about the 1990 OVA classic Mad Bull 34. Now this is a series that any red-blooded American can enjoy, and teaches valuable lessons to children today.

While the liberal media is crusading against our boys in blue, Mad Bull 34 reminds us that police are people too. John Estes, aka “Sleepy”, aka “Mad Bull”, is a multi-layer character not found in children’s anime today. While Yuri on Ice will turn your kids gay, Mad Bull sets them on the straight and narrow. He’s a man’s man, a dying breed in America, who teaches kids how to respect woman while still maintaining your authority over them.

Of course Sleepy is partnered with Daizaburo “Eddie” Ban. This wide eyed immigrant police officer is a clear satire and allegory for the left. Throughout the first episode Eddie criticizes Sleepy’s methods, only to realise that Sleepy is the only reason justice is served in the city. Much like leftists who are eventually ‘red pilled’, Eddie is eventually brought over to Sleepy’s side of the political spectrum. This adept political satire may go over the heads of younger viewers, but they’ll learn to appreciate it as they grow older.

When viewing Mad Bull 34 with my own children, I was astonished at how quickly they began to pick up the shows morals.

“He has grenades in on his balls!” Young Xander Shay (Age 5) shouted gleefully. He was of course referring to the scene where Sleepy reveals that he attached multiple grenades to his pubic hair. Even at such a young age Xander understood how much courage it takes for a man to put that much destructive power next to his genitals. Just one wrong move, or a stray erection, could have seen officer Sleepy blown into a million pieces. But Sleepy knows that if he ever wants to rid the city of crime, he must put his metaphoric and literal balls on the line. Such insights from such a young age.

To promote further dissection of Mad Bull 34, I’ve prepared discussion questions for young viewers:

  1. Sleepy instructs Officer Eddie to “stick your finger up her ass” in order to calm a raving woman. How might you deal with a hysterical woman if you were in Eddie’s place.
  2. The police in Mad Bull 34 often resort to extreme and violent methods to get their results. How would you explain that the ends always justify the means, and that civilian casualties are just part of the job?
  3. The final episode ends with a failed suicide pact between Sleepy and his lover Cindy. Would you have pulled the trigger without hesitation like Sleepy, or would you have been a cunt like Cindy and possibly implicate your boyfriend with murder because you couldn’t pull the fucking trigger?

Parents Rating:

Drugs: 3/5
Violence: 5/5
Positive Messages: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Age Recommendation: 4 and up

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