Op-Ed: An Rational Objectivist’s Review of ‘Gabriel DropOut’


David Freitag
Proud Atheist Otaku

Today I will be giving my thoughts on one of the most popular anime this past season: Gabriel DropOut. Fellow otaku laud it for its interesting premise, funny characters, and general campiness. These people, however, are wrong. As a freethinker, I am an individual and therefore I do not believe in silly myths likes angels or demons, which were invented to keep mindless Christian serfs in line. When I watch Gabriel DropOut and its depictions of angels and devils sent down to Earth to do their deeds, I am offended; I do not subscribe to archaic doctrines or follow established religion like the mindless sheep you all are. I am intellectually superior.

The eponymous Gabriel was sent down from heaven to live and study with humans, but quickly became addicted to video games and started constantly slacking off. Like most Christian theology, this is deeply contradictory as supposed “angels” do not have free will. Joining Gabriel is a fellow angel named Raphiel and two demons: Vignette and Satania. Ironically, the demons are completely harmless (even virtuous in Vignette’s case) while the two angels are the ones who are lazy and manipulative. While this appears to be intentional to give the show a light-hearted premise, I suspect that this inconsistency is actually symbolism for the oppression my fellow atheists and I endure everyday under the yoke of organized religion.

A specific episode I want to point out is a sequence when Gabriel returns to Heaven after living on Earth for an extended period of time. She quickly becomes bored while trying to play with her little sister because there are no entertaining games to play. This is a direct contradiction to the make-believe Christian stories which clearly portray Heaven as a place of eternal happiness devoid of suffering. What Gabriel DropOut is trying to tell us is that Heaven does not exist, something my superior atheist science-literate mind already knew. I tip my fedora at this biting critique of Christianity.

While Gabriel DropOut has its moments of humor, moe, and edgy theological commentary, it is a flawed anime because angels and demons do not exist, and any suggestion they do exist just propagates the harmful specter of religion. Just to be clear, I am not a professional anime reviewer, just an atheist NEET who greatly values my love of all things Japan and deep anime over any silly concept of waifus or moe. But as I sit here, stroking my beard, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.

2/10 At least Satania is cute.

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