Op-Ed: Anime Avatars Key for Recruiters to Find Ideal Candidates



Jason Norwell
SVP Tax Advisory, Ernst & Young

Today’s work environment is completely different from that of twenty – even ten years ago. The new generation coming into the workforce is more connected and tech-savvy than ever, and social media has become critical in the hiring process. The ability to leverage social media in the hiring process has befuddled countless employers, but I can confidently share one thing instantly spotted on social media profiles to identify a strong candidate: an anime avatar.

The current economic climate can be characterized by globalization, rapid change, new technologies, and a multi-generational workplace. An anime avatar distinguishes a candidate from the crowd. If they are able to devote themselves to a 2D waifu, imagine how much dedication they can bring to your company. Their interest in Japanese culture demonstrates intercultural flexibility; they may even engage in exotic Japanese customs such as reading comic books or eating bento boxes. Such cultural diversity can be leveraged to strengthen the core competencies of your firm in this competitive globalized landscape.

Having an anime avatar on social media, especially one depicting their “kawaii waifu”, demonstrates that the candidate does not care what others think of them, and are perfectly content with not having many friends. These people eschew the traditional role of the profile picture to share their physical appearance. Rather, they see their own appearance as secondary in importance, and put the entity they devote themselves to as the primary factor in their identity. This is a quality of collaborators and team players, because they can put their own interests aside and work with others.

It may be intimidating for recruiters as they attempt to evaluate candidates based on anime avatars. The key is to keep it simple — everyone’s waifu besides mine is trash anyway. The important thing is that the candidate has the confidence and passion to show the world their waifu. The identity of the waifu itself is of second importance. Unless she is from OreImo; avoid these candidates at all costs.

In conclusion, candidates with anime avatars personify not only cute anime girls, but also key qualities vital in today’s workplace such as flexibility, leadership, cultural understanding, and collaborative skills. In many ways, they make the ideal candidate for any firm, large or small. Do be aware and pay attention that the avatar is of a female anime character. People with male anime avatars are weird.

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