Op-Ed: Hear Me Out — Repealing Net Neutrality Makes It Harder to Watch Bad Anime


Ajit Pai
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

It’s been a pretty active last few weeks for me and the folks working at the FCC. Since I’ve announced that we are taking formal steps towards dismantling net neutrality rules, millions have reached out and made their disapproval heard. And it’s for a good reason; repealing net neutrality rules opens the door for telecom companies to control the internet content that travels through their infrastructure. This could allow them to charge websites to have their contents delivered, charge consumers to access certain sites, or even control and censor the flow of information.

I admit, destroying the open internet as we know it does sound pretty bad. But look on the bright side: we can make it so that bad anime is more difficult to watch. Once net neutrality is repealed and Comcast implements a $5 surcharge per month if you want to access Crunchyroll, we can make it so that Juni Taisen streams a little bit slower. Do you already have enough trouble paying Amazon $100 a year for Prime, then an additional $5 a month for Anime Strike so you can watch Himouto! Umaru-chan R? How about we make it so you also have to pay your internet provider an additional $10 a month to watch it? Would that finally be enough to convince you to stop watching that dogshit and pick up one of the many better shows this season? We can let you watch Love Live Sunshine or Girls Last Tour for only $1 extra!

Who decides what anime to favor? That’s where we come in. Under my leadership, after net neutrality is repealed the FCC will take on a new role: the important task of determining what anime America should be watching. I’m pretty excited. When President Obama asked me in 2012 to join the FCC, it has been my vision to get us involved with anime. I’ve been into anime for a long time, and I love reading posts on the Anime News Network forums. I’ve seen over 100 shows and my favorite has gotta be either One Piece or Death Note. I even have read the manga. It’s a tough responsibility to bear, but I am ready to be the one who determines what anime people should watch.

So that’s why we should repeal net neutrality: so people like me can determine what anime you can watch.


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