Op-Ed: ‘Koisuru Asteroid’ is Yet Another Example of the Round Earth Lie

Ryan Fletcher
Flat Earther

When I watch anime, I am usually looking for an escape from all the fake news and cover-ups that surround our society every day. I was intrigued when I first stumbled upon Koisuru Asteroid, an anime that supposedly focuses on astronomy. Despite my doubts that the show would be able to treat the subject with any sense of decency, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check it out anyway.

There are many lies among us – the central banking system, chemtrails, two week guaranteed shipping on Aliexpress. Never would I have thought that a cute-looking slice of life anime series would be yet another pandering entity to round earth propaganda.

It starts off introducing the characters who are part of the Earth Sciences Club. Just saying those words fills me with disgust. Earth and science? Give me a break. What has science ever done for us? Can science explain how if the Earth is spinning so fast why we don’t fly off? Can science explain how supposedly if humans landed on the moon in the 1960s, how we can’t manage to now? Can science explain why my father left for cigarettes and never came back? I don’t think so.

Well it turns out that this new club is a merger between the former Geology and Astronomy clubs, with two members being from the Geology Club and three on the Astronomy side. Much like in real life, the majority are still fooled and side with fake astrological claims.

I was most concerned when the girls went to a JAXA space center for a club trip. For those who don’t know, JAXA cooperates with NASA in guarding the ice wall so that people can’t get to the edge of the Earth. I would have thought that seeing all of the ridiculous displays of fake models and obviously photoshopped images would have at least made some of the girls start to catch on, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

The worst part was when the girls built planet models for the cultural festival and they made the Earth model round. Round! It is truly sad that even in anime, students are kept from developing their own models based on their own observations, instead simply mimicking the lies that so called “scientists” have bombarded them with.

One only needs to look with their own eyes to see the evidence of our flat world. Unlike the Earth’s horizon, the girls in Koisuru Asteroid are anything but straight. But if they think that a little bit of yuri is enough to distract me from the greater global lie then they are only partially correct.

It’s sad to see such blatant propaganda make its way even into anime like this. For a medium that usually does a decent job of exposing threats like reptilians and aliens, needles to say I was quite disappointed in Koisuru Asteroid.

I guess the geology girls were alright at least.

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