Op-Ed: Miku Joins Big Boi to Drop the Hottest Banger of 2017


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When Hatsune Miku joined Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label earlier this year, there were some that were skeptical of the duo’s ability to produce. As a soon-to-go-pro Vocaloid disk jockey and nightcore producer, I knew we were about to get something huge. When the latest release of Big Boi’s “Kill Jill” dropped I think we finally can say we have a track hot enough to silence the critics.

Right off the bat “Kill Jill” hits hard with a sick beat along with Miku’s angelic voice. It’s about time the ATL scene got some rep in the Vocaloid hip hop scene. Whenever I ride the MARTA, I blast some Miku tunes on my Beats Pros and there are always some ignorant people who shoot me some glares. People just don’t understand true original taste and I’m sure with the drop of this hit they’ll all see what a true music enthusiast looks like. But it’s not just the sick beat that makes this track certified fire; this track is smart, laying down some licks that we can all learn from.

I discovered the superiority of the second dimension long ago (back in middle school) and “Kill Jill” certainly gets this. Miku’s sweet vocals confess her love and commitment that only the superiority of virtual avatar can provide. When the main lick hits, the disregard for 3D hoes makes it clear that Big Boi and his crew understand this fact. His partnership with Miku is the real deal and 2D haters better think again. My man Jeezy challenges the haters who think it is lonely at the top being one with superior taste, but he knows it’s the real shit.

This whole track is deadass bangin and I can’t wait for what Miku and Big Boi manage to drop next. Big Boi has hinted that his next mixtape titled “Watashi no Flexin” will hit even harder (by the way check out my mixtape on SoundCloud it’s straight up fire). Until then I think this banger will keep giving us something to ride to for some time to come.

Rating: 💯🔥🔥/10

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