Op-Ed: These McDonald’s Commercials are Starting to Get Ridiculous

Joel Bennett
Fast Food & Anime Enthusiast

Look, I’m a regular anime fan like anyone else. I enjoyed that Anime McDonald’s commercial when it first came out, even if there were a bit too many episodes. They were fun and whimsical, although I could have done with less whimsy and a little more focus on the burgers. That’s besides the point. But I had to put my foot down when it came to their latest commercial. It ran for over 2 whole hours! But that’s not all! There was so much magic and and fun and excitement in those 2 hours that they didn’t even have any time to discuss the finer qualities of the Big Mac and chicken nuggets.

Just when i thought the surprises were over, imagine my shock to learn that they roped in acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai to direct it for them! Talk about selling out. I think he is a fine director but the man has clearly never enjoyed the taste of McDonald’s french fries.

All in all, the commercial was too unrealistic. Just the other day I pulled out a loaded gun in my local McDonald’s and waved it around, but to my shock they called the police instead of a cute Japanese highschooler offering me a Big Mac. I believe I will sue McDonald’s after this and demand they pay my bail.

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