Op-Ed: Vaccines Cause Autism, and I Support ISIS


literallyhitlerYoshikawa Yuuko
Kitauji High School Musical Instrument Club

Hello, and thank you for publishing my letter. I wanted to write in to your news site to urge each and every reader of yours to research what goes into their vaccines. And instead of vaccines, parents should research homeopathic medicine for their children. Also, Hitler wasn’t that bad of a guy; that Holocaust fiasco is a bit overblown in my opinion. The Jews in Nazi Germany probably made the same mistake of vaccinating their children.

Earlier tonight, after a long day of researching 9/11 conspiracy theories, I sat down in front of my television for some wholesome programming on TLC when I stumbled upon the abomination of the Women’s World Cup going on right now. My idol Ann Coulter has often shared her poignant opinion on the subject, but I want to contribute with my view that the women’s place is in the home. As soon as she leaves home without the protection of a male authority figure she puts herself in danger. The problem with liberal America is that we accept this kind of behavior and celebrate it as queer sports. Feminism has gone too far.

This is why I think ISIS has some good ideas. The number one threat to America today is queer Islam, and ISIS are trying to put a stop to this by restoring wholesome Sharia law and putting women and minorities in their place. When Barack Obama invaded Iraq, it was his intention to spread his liberal values back in his homeland of the Middle East, and ISIS are undoing their damage.

P.S. Kirino is best girl.

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