Op-Ed: Yeah the Election is a Pretty Big Thing, But Have You Seen Uzaki’s Breasts?

Apollo Ticalman
“Culture” Enthusiast

So yeah, we all know that lately the media has just been talking about the 2020 elections. We all get it. It’s a big deal. This is all understandable, but as some commenters have even pointed out it kind of misses the bigger picture. The world isn’t just about Trump and Biden. Let us remember that something already rather massive aired just last season called Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!. If you haven’t seen the anime yet, it features a college girl blessed with, dare I say, very large dimensions.

Like, sure, we all get that the election is probably one of the biggest media events of the year for every news site, but mamma mia look at those heckin’ honkers, if you catch my drift here. If you think that the election is a big thing, then I can guarantee you, my sweet summer child, that you have seen absolutely nothing yet.

And yes, an election quite like this has probably never happened in history, but as for the plot there’s this girl called Uzaki, twist being that she’s got some major honkey-honkey going up there. I’m talking about some serious mondo melons. She’s packing such ridiculous badonkers that they put normal big ol’ hoogagoogers to boogadookey shame. Jesus Christ.

I know, I know, the results will dictate much of our lives for the next four years to come, even in a global context, but look at those fucking things! Dear Lord, give me strength to behold the bonker bahoodles. That’s some good shit right there if I say so myself. And I do say so myself, booga ooga bahoodla mmmmMMH.

I kinda forgot where I was going with all this, but I guess that’s okay. You get the point. After enjoying Uzaki I think I’ll go finish my re-watch of Gundam 0079 next, where the anti-war messages surely have nothing to do with national traumas and the Cold War climate. Catch you next time guys!

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