Otaku Discharge: You know you’ve watched too many animes when…


Hey guys, sorry I don’t update more often. Instead of actually producing content with effort, I’ve decided to make a list article. So without any further delay:

You know you’ve watched too many animes…

…when you know that the plural of “anime” is anime.
…when you’re the only one in your class who knows about Jojo, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Belladonna of Sadness.
…when you change your clothes and shout “GETTA CHANGE!”
…when you put up an A.T. Field by raising the volume on your music.
…when your favorite director is Hayao Miyazaki, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Alejandro Jodorowsky, or Satoshi Kon.
…when you only eat japanese food in a japanese restaurant, where you practice your japanese only to get kicked out for calling the chef a “kisama” when he overcooks your crab rangoon.
…when you’ve shat your pants because you didn’t want to get up in the middle of an episode.
…when you watch OreImo and then kinda want to fuck your sister, lol.
…when you request oppai mouse pads, body pillows, and onaholes for birthday presents.
…when you masturbate exclusively to asians.
…when you don’t like to mix in with the filthy normie scum that walks this earth.
…when you eat your own pimples as a healthy snack during anime marathons.
…when you have a waifu, husbando, daughteru, all of which you love more than your actual family.
…when your parents regret having you.
…when you still haven’t seen a ray of sunlight for the past month.
…when you try to fill that empty feeling in your life with more, easily digestible, shows. As much as you self insert as the main character, you’re always aware that you’ll never be them. You’ll never hold your waifu, you’ll waste every second of your miserable life on cartoons from a country that you’ve never been to. Somedays you wonder if you’re still human, or if you’re just a collection of the anime cliches that you’ve subconsciously absorbed into a bizarre patchwork of what you call a personality.
…when you can name more anime characters than friends that you have.
…when you start writing anime satire news


Literally just typed “anime” into Google image search and picked a random one

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