Otaku Eagerly Await New Season of Anime They Won’t Watch

With the coming of each new season of anime otaku everywhere look over season charts, stroking their chins, and looking for what looks new or exciting to watch in the new season. But a surprising new study funded by the Japanese government’s Department of Culture shows that any given anime fan will only watch one out of ten shows that they declared they would at the beginning of a given season.

“I was really looking forward to the next season of Concrete Revolutio coming up in about a week here” said one anime fan Anime Maru talked to., “But between school, work, and catching up on old stuff, who has the time to sit down and watch twenty two minutes of a TV series once a week? I know I don’t.”

A poll conducted of locals fans gleaned the following results:


This is bad news for the anime industry, which relies on viewers watching new shows every season, picking up new waifu, then buying plastic figures of said waifu to keep itself afloat. If no one is watching, then no one will be buying either, and the shelves of Akihabara will be lined with plastic representations of big-eyed girls whose names are known to no one, starring into eternity as they will never be bought and will someday be recycled into a plastic cup or something else more useful.



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