Otaku Hopes Other People Stuck in Time Loops Having More Exciting Time

LEWISTON, IA — Local anime fan Maria Horn, 20, has discovered that she has been in a time loop for the past several months. With how boring it is for her, she expressed how she hoped it was a more exciting time for others in a recent Twitter post.

“So it has been at least 46 loops of the same week so far and I really hope it has been more exciting for other people,” Horn tweeted. “For me it has mostly meant that none of the simulcast anime has advanced and I am getting so bored.”

People were quick to correct and disagree with Horn on social media.

“I’m sure this chick has to be wrong on this, so I need the world to know,” said Twitter user WellActuallyHime. “I’m sure I did something different last week, like watch seasonal anime and argue about it on anime and ah….”

“As someone who has watched most of Steins;Gate, I’m pretty sure she is using the term wrong and she means a ‘time hole’” said John T. Tor on Facebook. “I’m not going to fact check it, though.”

Horn told Anime Maru that she has become so bored due to the time loop she might actually start watching some of her anime blu-ray backlog soon, but probably not this loop.

Horn herself is unsure how or why she is stuck in this predicament, stated she watches anime to distract herself from the stressful predicament. After all, Horn just wants to go back to the real world, where things are currently simple and peaceful.

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